Impact of Short Sales and Foreclosures on getting a new loan…

Impact of Short Sales and Foreclosures on getting a new loan….


Avoid Forecloure/

Avoiding Foreclosure in Minnesota is on the minds of many.
There are many reasons why Minnesota homeowners are facing tough choices. Some of them include, Payment increases, Mortgage Adjustments, Loss of Job, Business Failure, Relocation, Reduced Income, Too much Debt, to name a few…

Many contact their banks to try to come up with options. I have heard of very few actually successful in coming up with solutions. At AvoidForeclosureMinnesota we provide information on how to Avoid Foreclosure in Minnesota. We explain the effects it can have on you and offer other options that may be available to you. All communication is kept in strict confidence and we charge no fee.
Our goal is to take your stress away by givig you solutions and give you hope by helping you plan a strategy. The quicker you get started, the faster our firm can work to mitigate damage to your financial and credit position.

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